Customs Health Check

Are you aware of customs facilitation schemes and simplifications available to reduce your duty liability and simplify the process of importing/exporting. There are many schemes available including Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Import, End Use and Declaration Simplifications. These facilitations and simplifications require preapproval by Revenue and require adequate records and an audit trail to satisfy Customs requirements.

  • Are you aware of the Union Customs Code which is bringing about major changes in Customs Rules?
  • As an importer/ exporter, do you provide clear written information or instructions to your freight agents to ensure they are making accurate declarations to Customs on your behalf.? Remember you are liable for any customs debt where errors are made, and you may be liable for Customs fines.
  • Do you receive copies of all the AIS/SAD declarations made on your behalf and do you carry in-house checking to confirm all AIS/SAD details are correct? Remember Customs auditors will require copies of these AIS/SAD documents plus full back-up documentation during audit.
  • As an importer or freight agent, are goods being valued correctly at import/export? Import valuation, can be a complex issue and incorrect valuation may lead to an unexpected customs debt or can result in you paying too much CustomsDuty/VAT
  • Are the goods classified correctly? Incorrect tariff classification can lead to both overpayment or underpayment of Customs duty and render you liable to Customs penalties
  • Are your imported/exported goods declared to the correct customs procedure code? For example, goods imported permanently are liable to payment of Customs Duty and VAT.Goods imported temporarily, imported for processing and re-export,imported under procedures with economic impact and imported under numerous circumstances may be liable to reduced or nil rates of Customs Duty and/or VAT.Failure to give correct or insufficient information/instructions to your agent or agents or not requesting relevant information may render goods liable to duty and VAT payments that would normally be avoided.
  • Do you import/export to or from countries with preferential trading agreements with the EU? this may in future include the UK under an FTA. You may be eligible for preference certificates at import (allowing for reduced or nil duty rates) and issue preferences certificates at export, through the REX system, allowing your goods to enter the preference country at reduced or nil duty rates. However, there are complex origin rules which need to be established before you can benefit