Authorised Economic Operator Application, Evaluation & Certification

A key component of the EU Union Customs Code is the development of the AEO certification process for companies in international trade, it will be used as a Customs Quality Mark within the International Supply Chain.

  • Overview on the benefits of AEO status including risk scores and priority treatment for customs control procedures
  • Full overview of application process and methodology
  • Completion AEO in depthself-assessmentquestionnaire on site and in EU portal.
  • Expert view and advice provided on company procedure verification in the significant aspects of customs compliance, safety & security, and practical standards of competence and tabulated folder requirements.
  • Outsourced Customs advice and training available for initial 3-year period where required.
  • Preparation of company procedure SOP’s provided as required
  • On site assessment of company safety & security procedures.
  • On site availability for Revenue Evaluation process