About Customs Trade Solutions

Customs Trade Solutions offers businesses the ability to take ownership of their international trade affairs by understanding their responsibilities and taking advantage of Customs Duty/VAT savings where possible.

Why use our services

– Over 30 years’ experience in Revenue with 17 years involvement in all aspects of international trade. I know how customs work and understand their requirements. Accredited service provider with Inter Trade Ireland and Mentor with LEO Programmes.

– An in depth understanding of Tariff Classification/Rules of Origin for goods being imported or exported and possible savings through duty management techniques plus expert advice on the EU – UK FTA.

– A wealth of experience in trader customs audit, compliance, and trader facilitation schemes (procedures with economic impact) such as Inward Processing and Customs Warehouse.

– I am experienced in the preparation and auditing of traders for Authorised Economic Operator accreditation and in how to get traders “over the line”.

My company is best positioned to guide businesses through the complexity of rules and regulations associated with Importing and Exporting.